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Shenzhen Lunda Electronics Co., Limited is a well-known  innovative and fast developingfactory,who dedicate to and  specialized in the digital TV equipment enterprise. Our products  include a variety of Digital Terrestrial, Satellite and Cable Receivers  (DVB-T2, DVB-S2, DVB-C), and Android IPTV Smart Box (OTT IPTV  Box).

Based in a 5,000 square meter factory, with 100 workers and 4 modern high efficient SMT line and 4 production lines, Lunda Electronics is Striving for the highest quality, stylish designs, powerful software, prompt service and full technical support. We have gained tremendous growth and accumulated remarkable experience while significantly reducing the costs.
have very strong R&D team for research and development of products continuously. All products are CE, FCC and ROHS approval. With high quality products, credible service and competitive price, We has built up win-win business and long-term partnerships with worldwide customers.
We are looking forward to provide best quality products and professional service to you, and let more people experience the joy of life.
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